(Bloggiesta) Update

I thought I would post my first official update.

I started bloggiesta at 8am and was at it until 12:00 and decided then I would take a half hour lunch break and came back and blogged again till 2:30 when I had to pick up Michael at the bus stop.

So as of right now total hours = 6

Snacks consumed during that time:
  • (breakfast) coffee & toast
  • (snack) yogurt with some strawberries
  • (lunch) a pasta, ham and potato salad w/ milk
  • (snack) granola bar
What I accomplished in the first 6 hours:
  • Bloggiesta Starting Post
  • Cleaned up emails and organzied them into folders in gmail. Replied back to the ones I need to. (This took forever and I made a promise to myself not to let it get out of hand again.)
  • Cleaned up my blog roll. I removed blogs that haven’t been active in 6+ months and onces that no longer interested me. I hate doing that and its nothing against the blogger itself. (Another one that took forever to do.)
  • Started working out a system to keep track of books coming into the house ie requests, gifted or given to me.
  • I found a spot for books I have received this month to date (this is a priority) and then for the books I received in December.
  • I added the update editor to my blog. (In case  you want to do this you have to go into settings/basic/global settings.)
  • wrote and scheduled to post my In My Mailbox post along with Its Monday, What are you reading?

Challenges completed so far:

How are you doing?

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  1. Wow, you got a lot done!

  2. WOW! You accomplished quite a bit. I haven’t done any challenges so far but I am crossing things off my list on my starter post and it feels good. I also spent about 5 hours so far…

  3. Good work! My archiving took a LOT longer than I thought it would but it’s done and now I really need to get to that rather emotional Feed Reader task…ah, you’ll stay. Hee hee. :O) I’m finding that the problem with shaping up my reader is that over Bloggiesta, I’m finding MORE blogs to add…ack!

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