(Bloggiesta) Update #2

Welcome to day 2 of the Bloggiesta weekend.

I wasn’t able to get online today because I was having internet problems. Meaning my internet was down. Not sure what was going on but I tried several times to log online but it wasn’t meant to be today. Funny enough Michael said “Mommy too many kids must be online today. They should be playing with their toys!”

It was really cold today. We are currently having a really bad cold snap. As I am writing this its currently -15 (-22 with the windchill)

Since I was unable to do anything online I had to work offline.

Total hours= 7

What I accomplished:
  • Worked out some ideas for the new blog look.
  • Hand written up four reviews.
  • Worked on interview questions for an upcoming author interview.
  • Worked on organizing my bookcase for upcoming reviews. Cleaned up a whole shelf for new books.
  • Worked out a schedule for my blog.What will be done next week and what will be done on the same day for upcoming weeks. (ie reviews, IMM etc)
  • Worked up some button ideas.

Challenges completed:

  • none

Not having internet today really put a damper on my day but at least I was able to complete some things offline.

I want to ask anyone who follows me two things:

  1. Do you know anyone who designs blogs cheaply?
  2. Anyone interested in doing a guest post?

If so please leave it in my comments or you can fill out this google document.

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  1. Of all days for your internet to be down! It drives me crazy when ours is out.

  2. You got a lot done to not have internet access. Hope things are better today.

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