One of my favorite Christmas Decorations

There has always been a rule in our house that no Christmas decorations go up until after my birthday (which is on the 5th). I think that is because my parents never wanted to associate my birthday with Christmas even though its so close.

After the 5th though its fair game and one of the first things that is put up is this ceramic tree that my husbands mother painted in 1979. Sadly, shortly after that she passed away. So this is a special holiday decoration that my husband treasures and we always have special place to it so that we can look at it throughout the holiday season.

Michael has asked about it and we told him that he needs to be careful around this because its priceless and that his nanny made it.

Its a beautiful tree that lights up. Although you can’t really see it in this picture. Its a holiday decoration that is treasured in our house. Do you have a favorite ornament or decoration?

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  1. My favorites are the ornaments that different people have made for us.

  2. I remember we had one many similar to it years ago. I don’t think ours had the star, though. I think my Mom received it as a gift.

    Anyway, it’s lovely. And you have a lovely memory (albiet bitter sweet) to go with it.

  3. So beautiful. My Grandmother had a ceramics shop and make a lot of these trees as well. I have one… somewhere!

  4. Thank-you for sharing your ornament. We have a special tree, Mrs. Claus’s house and a teddy bear that all have lights inside that we put up carefully each year. Hubby’s grandmother made them years ago.

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