2010 Read A Thon Begins

Its Saturday do you know what today is? Its the Dewey 24 hour Read a Thon!

Guess who is taking part? Thats right Cindy’s Love Of Books is taking part in it. So if you are a subscriber of my blog please note that there will be alot of posts. I am planning on updating every few hours so that you won’t be bogged down with updates. I hope that you will cheer me on.

Okay so you are probably wondering what I plan on reading today right? I probably have added too many books into my pile but these are all books that are on my TBR pile and my selection could change throughout the day depending on my mood. I have tried to add a mix of things.

-8th Confession by James Patterson
-9th Judgement by James Patterson (ARC)
-Twilight the graphic novel by Stephenie Meyer
-Nice Recovery by Susan Juby (ARC)
-White Cat by Holly Black (ARC)
-Tagged by Mara Purnhagen
-Alexis & The Sacramento Surprise by Erica Rodgers
-Through Thick & Thin by Sandra Byrd

These are borrowed library books. I picked up 6 mangas.
-Big Adventures of Majoko by Tomomi Mizuna
-The Dreaming by Queenie Chan (Books 1&2)
-The Godchild books 1-2 and 3

I thought that the manga’s would break up the day.

As for food and snacks I plan on doing a mix of healthy and of course junk food. I have nothing in particular planned just what ever I have in the house.

Well its almost my starting time I am off to get ready. Good luck fellow read a thoners. Happy reading.

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  1. Cindy, good luck! Those Patterson books will read fast. Short chapters. My coffee is brewing and I’m off!

  2. Hey Cindy! Go Cindy!
    Hoo Hoo!

    Have a blast with the readathon!

    (Readathon Cheerleader):D

  3. Kay I know the Patterson’s will be quick reads so I plan on spacing them out.

    Sheila Thanks for being a read a thon cheerleader. So far so good.

    The only think was I was limiting myself to a half hour online after reading a book and now its an hour later. off I go to read.

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