Wreck This Journal-3rd Week

Welcome to another week of Wreck This Journal.

This past week I pretty much did some easy stuff because I was busy doing some spring cleaning and getting ready for Easter.

For about the past month I have been making it a point to keep my grocery lists instead of recycling them when I get home. I usually do two big orders a month and then two smaller orders. I hate grocery shopping but love to cook and bake. Does that make sense?

I have to say I am very thankfull that Michael isn’t a fussy eater. He will try anything once if he hasn’t eaten it before. The only thing I have noticed about him is that he isn’t much of a left over person. If I have left overs and I have to space it out.

Monday I did Fill in this page when you are really angry and I was really angry on Monday.
Tuesday I decided that I was going to rip out my first page in the book and crumble it. I cringed when I did this one and upon looking in the book I do see that I will be required to rip out a few more pages so this was good practice for me and plus crumbling it takes out alot of built in frustration as you can see in the picture.
Wednesday was one of those days where it felt like I was on the phone alot and during one of those brief moments I wasn’t on the phone I remembered this page and decided to leave the book out and start to doodle whenever the phone would ring. I think once I brought out the book the phone stopped ringing or the calls weren’t that many afterwards.
Thursday was super busy for me with running errands etc I didn’t get much time to sit to do anything so I figured this was a good one to do that would take mere seconds to complete.
This is a work in progress. I have been sticking my fruit and vegetable stickers here. As you can see I am trying to be some what creative with them. I have to admit I probably look really crazy in the produce aisle because I am always looking for the fruit or veggies with the most stickers on them.
Also another work in progress is covering the page with office supplies. Since I am a stay at home mom (SAHM) I have been looking around for stuff to fill this page and gradually starting to fill it up.
Well this is what I have done this week. Still enjoying it. Check back next week to see what I have done.
Don’t forget to check out Marie from Lazy Daisy to see what she did this past week with her journal.
If you happen to be reading this and you are doing Wreck This Journal let me know so I can see what you have done and I will link back  to you in my weekly update.
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  1. I hate grocery shopping and I’m not all that fond of cooking either! I’m really curious about why you were angry.

  2. Good work Cindy. I know exactly what you mean about the grocery shopping. HATE IT! But I, too, love to cook and bake. Go figure.

    When we pick out fruits and veggies, I always make sure they have stickers. My husband once picked out some bananas without a sticker and I made him put them back. He just shook his head and found some others.

    I’ve now linked to your post.

    See you next Sunday!

  3. I have been hinting to certain teenagers that a big mother’s holiday is coming up in the future and this journal would make a great gift for a particular mother. I’ve even saved a few fruit stickers just in case!

  4. I’m half regretting not joining you on this project, Cindy! It seems like so much fun.

    I know what you mean about grocery shopping; I usually make B. do it (or he volunteers, actually)!

    I have no trouble seeing these images, obviously, so it must be something to do with the Amazon ones…

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