Bloggiesta Completed

Well the first Bloggiesta is completed. I really hope that this will make another appearance again. Thanks again to Natasha for organizing it. Also I have to say thank you to her husband for designing all the graphics there were used for Bloggiesta.

Another thank you goes out to the bloggers who organized the Mini Challenges that we all could take part in. I have completed a few of them which I will talk about them in a few minutes.

I would have loved to do more online but for some reason last night I was having internet issues and if it wasn’t that then when I tried to so something I kept getting time out messages or pages not opening up. I was getting frustrated and rebooted a few times until finally I gave up.

So my total of hours completed in this challenge was about 15 hours. I was able to do alot offline and a little online. Here is what I managed to complete:

  • Organized my books that I have gotten recently.
  • Printed out the next 6 months of calendars and put all review & tour dates on it.
  • Set to post my Mailbox Monday post for the past week
  • Posted my first ever Library Loot
  • Wrote up some holiday posts
  • Cleaned up some of my labels
  • Edited my about me section and posted a new picture
  • Prepared questions to ask two authors that agreed to mini Q&As with me
  • Worked on a review policy
  • Written up all my reviews on paper of books I have read
  • Completed some mini challenges
  • Prepared for a new feature that I will be starting on my blog in July
  • Scheduled to post 2 reviews for later this week

    Mini Challenges Completed:

    BethFishRead’s Challenge was to make a list post. As you can see I have been going a making list posts frenzy.

    Lynn’s challenge was to get listed and I was going through the sites to get listed and I am happy to say that I am listed on bookblogsning, here be reviews, BBAW, blogarama and blogged. I have put my name on blog catalogue. I just discovered taht I was listed on fyreflybooks which I have never heard of before and I will be checking it out more later on.

    Jenn’s Challenge was to clean up your about me page, check for errors in your top posts etc and I am happy to say that I updated my about me page and added a new picture. I also checked the top posts for errors and worked on my review policy. Hoping to have that posted this week.

    Amy’s Challenge was to make a blogging buddy. I was connacted by Avis and we are going to be blogging buddies and I am waiting to hear from someone else and we will be hopefully blogging buddies. I will post her link when I get the info.

    Trish’s challenge was to add a favatar and a gravatar and I can happily say that I did do that gravatar. I got a note saying that the favatar was hacked but was given a link and instructions on how to do it from Liyanna. Thank You

    Michelle’s challenge was about anchoring text. As you can see I have that pretty much mastered and will continue to do so when needed.

    Ruth’s challenge was about grading your blog. I did that I am 84. I am happy with my grade.

    Of the other challenges I didn’t get to do but I am determined that I will gradually complete them. They are:

    Rebecca’s challenge was to clean up your google reader. I am still new to that and I will be asking for help from my blogging buddy.

    Jill’s challenge was to go and comment on new blogs. Thank you to all the new comments I got and I will be commenting on your blogs this week. Providing computer will be working.

    Emily’s challenge was about Google Alerts. That is something that is new to me and need to find out how to do that.

    Deborah’s challenge was elavator pitches. Need to work on that.

    Andrea’s challenge was about authorities.

    This was alot of fun and thank you again Natasha for organizing this. Looking forward to meeting some new bloggers and check out your blogs.

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    1. Love your blog. I am out visiting this morning those who participated in the Bloggiesta Challenge. I am enjoying reading what everyone accomplished. What a fun idea!

    2. You had a great bloggiesta. It’s so frustrating when the internet won’t cooperate, though.

    3. Congrats….this must make you feel good.

    4. Wow you got a lot done! Thats awesome.
      Great site you have too! TTFN
      Natalie :0)

    5. Congratulations Cindy your 15 hours gave you a lot to work with there. Thank you for participating in my challenge though the credit for it’s concept goes directly back to Natasha. I was merely the conduit for it 😉

    6. Gosh Cindy, you really managed a lot of stuff during the bloggiesta. I also managed to do some much needed cleaning up, but the best part of the bloggiesta was discovering all those new-to-me blogs!

    7. I’m impressed that you caught up on your reviews (and got lots of other things done too)! What a pain that your Internet was not cooperating though. I’m glad we’re official blogging buddies now! (And let me know if you need help with Google Reader or setting up Google Alerts.) I’m also going to try to do all the other mini-challenges…

    8. Sorry it’s taken me so long to leave comments on all of the wrap up posts. Despite internet problems, you got a ton done! Awesome!

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