Dear Readers,

I have to rant for a few minutes. Thankfully I get email notification about new comments left on my blog so I know whats going on. While I was gone to get my son at the bus stop I got spammed almost 40 times by a person named ED. This person apparently has no life and has nothing better to do then spam numerous bloggers out there.

Since I get email notifications I was able to delete it all and the person really spread out the spam all over my blog. If you have been hit then you will really have to go back and check all your comments. Thanks to this person I ended up wasting about half an hour of my time.

So when ever you leave a comment please note that you will have to do a word verfication and I will be approving all comments from now on. I am really sorry about this. As the old saying goes it only takes one person to spoil it for everyone and you have ED to thank for that.

I hope that this won’t stop your from commenting on my blog readers. I love hearing legit comments from you.

Okay end of rant! 🙂 Have a good weekend everyone

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  1. I think I saw spam from him on another blog I visited today.

  2. That sucks. Why on earth do people do this kind of thing?

  3. Cindy I have heard from 5 other bloggers that they got spammed by the same person over the last few days


  4. Storyheart- I saw on twitter that a few people got hit by this person.

    NotNessie- I have no idea why they do it but personally think they have way too much time of their hands and they need to grow up.

    Bermudaonion I am sure he hit quite a few blogs.

  5. I got email notifications for comments I was subscribed to on two other blogs!

  6. Ewww! Sorry to hear this, Cindy. I don’t blame you for moderating comments after experiencing this.

  7. Cindy, a whole bunch of us are being spammed by this idiot including me. I had to go to each post and delete the comments–what a pain and a waste of time. I was hoping there was a way to report him but I couldn’t find it.

  8. I’m so sorry that happened! I just heard about this guy on another blog too. I don’t blame you for using the word verification. It won’t deter me one bit from commenting here. I always enjoy your blog. 🙂

  9. You’re so right about one person has to ruin something for everyone. It certainly won’t stop me from coming back. Luckily, he only hit me once. There should be a place where you can report abuse on blogspot.

  10. Hey Cindy – I feel your pain. What a git ed is. Nope – won’t stop me from commenting!

  11. Argh! He got me in the afternoon but I didn’t catch it until evening. Now I have to go delete them. I’m not sure how to do it because this is a first for me. What a pain.

  12. Alea I have that too. So it was really helpful to clean up the spam.

    Myckyee it was a mess and I see more people got it by it too.

    Dar I was looking and i don’t see anything a person can do when they get spammed. Its too bad, like you said its time consuming.

    Wrighty thanks for the comments. I sent you an email. Hope your able to get it all cleaned up.

    Kaye thankfully you only got it once. I think there should be way to report it.

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

  13. This really sucks, Cindy! I don’t blame you for moderating your comments. I noticed he got a few other bloggers in my reader this weekend too.

  14. I got it too Cindy!! Same guy, same hour of time wasting removing them. I also put on word verification. I hated it!

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