Mailbox Monday

This is what has come to my door the week of March 16th to 20th.

-Perfecting by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer. This was an atttempted delivery from Friday and it was redelivered today. Its from Martine at MDG & Assciates.

Tuesday: Nothing

-The Whittaker Family Reunion by Shirley A. Roe. This was sent to my by the author via Bostick Comm. Thank you.

Thank you to Sterling Kids for sending me the three following books. Michael loved them.
-Find You A B C’s by Richard Scary
-Quiet Bunny by Lisa McCue
-Peasant Pig & The Terrible Dragon by Richard Scarry

-Little Pink House by Jeff Benedict. Thanks to Kelly at Hachette for sending me this. I heard alot of good things about the book.

Also Michael got his Scholastic order from school and he got the following french books:
-Petit Lapin by Kirsten Hall
-C’est Bon! by DeMar Reggier
-Les Aliments by Annie Groovie
-Les Emotions by Annie Groovie

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  1. These all look good! I love Richard Scary books and I miss book orders. I loved having my own and I even loved my kids getting them. I have an award for you here.

  2. Michael had a great week! He’s going to have to start doing his own MM posts.

  3. Wrighty- Michael loves Richard Scarry we ended up borrowing a whole bunch of books and videos of Richard Scarry. I love book orders too. At school they give out french ones and I get english scholastic orders from his preshool. Thanks for the award.

    Bermudaonion-I was thinking about doing Michael’s own MM posts. He is really starting to enjoy getting books in the mail. He always asks about packages.

  4. You are going to LOVE Little Pink House!

  5. I loved Little Pink House; hope you do too. Great selection of children’s books. Hope Michael enjoys them!

    I hope to be back to posting Monday Mailbox again next week.

  6. Yay, lots of books! I’ll be curious to see what you think of Perfecting. Even though I didn’t love her first book, I’m interested in reading this one too.

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