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Sitting here tonight through a week of frustration and feeling like I was loosing my mind. I decided to change the layout colors on my page. I thought something new would be nice and different.

I am not one who normally talks about my personal life online but I feel like I am about to explode. Its been a really rough week here. My son started his first full week of school. Monday was great. He got on the bus then that night I got a note sent home from school and the teacher said he cried in the afternoon. I questioned him about it but he was like I don’t know what was going on.

Tuesday at 9:00 AM I get a call from the school saying my son was sick and could I come and pick him up. So on the drive to school I got to thinking of why he was suddenly sick. He was fine when he got on the bus. So I remember that they do “relaxation” after lunch. (Rest time) and not sure how it was explained but I went in with that knowledge. I decide to take him outside and we got to talking and he said he didn’t want to do relaxation anymore. With that in hand we went back into school and he stayed but cried at lunch time for me. I went back and looked in on him and he was fine.

Wednesday as we are going to the bus stop he is saying I don’t want to go to school I want to stay home. The bus comes and he is literally clinging to me like sarem wrap. I end up putting him on the bus and having to push him to some older girls we know and the bus leaves. This was the first time I cried when my son went to school. He gets to school and they call he wants to come home and I give him words of encouragement. He stayed the day.

Thursday we walk to the bus stop and he is talking a mile a minute gets on the bus not a single problem. Once at school though its a whole new problem. I get the call again but thankfully the staff is so good the manage to get him settled down. He had a great day at school.

Then Friday (today) end of the week. He is crying all the way to the bus stop saying its not fair why do i have to go to school. Once again when the bus comes he starts crying more and clinging to me. Thankfully the older girls who are his friends help me out. I push him to them on the bus and they took care of him. Apparently he had a good day.

Its going to be a rough week next week I am sure. Just hoping that we can over come this little problem and that we will laugh about it very soon.

By the way is 8:30 AM too early to start drinking? LOL just joking.

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  1. Don’t worry, I speak with experience when I say it will get better. Many little ones need a little extra time to adjust to full-time school. Hang in there mom…you are doing great!

  2. Hey Cindy,

    You’re not alone in this…quite a few moms I’ve spoken to the last week are dealing with the same issue. It’s as hard for them as for their child (if not harder)…but it does get better.


  3. I know it will be rough and I am hoping this week will be better. He has only been in school 7 1/2 days. It will be a power struggle.

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