September Thoughts

Its hard to believe that is already September. This will be a busy month I think. My son starts kindergarden on Wednesday. That alone says alot doesn’t it? With him finally in school all day I will be able to tackle the ever growing mess in my basement. Its filled to the rim with assorted toys, videos and books, etc…. Finally will be able to get down and fully clean it up and organize it.

I have already contacted a few authors and got a few replies back for book request. So once the books start rolling in I will buckle down alot more to read. Not sure about everyone else but I find that once the fall comes in I am always reading more.

Also going to be working on getting this blog up and running more then what it is right now. If anyone has ideas on how to get more readers in I would love to hear your feed back. I am also hoping that once I get in contact with a few authors that they would help with contests. I love doing contests. I am on a site as a admin and I am in charge of members contests. The members just love that. If not then I will host contests., so you will have to check back frequently as you know never when there will be a contest up.

Its a beautiful suuny warm holiday I think I am going to go out and enjoy it before its too late.

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