Oprah’s 62nd book selection

This is the latest book in Oprah’s book club. Is she really at 62? If I am mistaken then I apologize. When I saw this annouced I went online and started to read the reviews. All of which made the book sound really good. She warned the viewers not to read the dust jacket as it contained a bunch of spoilers of the book. Apparently the publishers are planning on changing the contents in the dust jacket.

This is the debut novel for David and its been a work in progress for the past 10 years. Its no thin novel, its a huge book with 576 pages. Oprah calls it a mystery. It was a book she couldn’t put down this summer.

Tonight I picked the book up. Thankfully I have my rewards card so I was able to get my discount on the book. I decided that I would take part in the 5 week sessions for the book. Is anyone else going to do this? If so the first part starts in roughly a months time.

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  1. Hey Cindy,

    I’d be tempted to join you in reading this book, but I have so many waiting! Still I’m going to see if I can pick it up at Costco…(I’m not allowed near Chapters for awhile).

    Hope you had a better week with your son.


  2. Hi Donna,

    If you get the book at costco let me know and perhaps we could read the book together. Sent you an email.

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