On Wednesday’s episode of the Martha Show she dedicated the whole hour to blogging. She talked about her own personal blog, which is up close and personal with Martha. Her blog covers a whole wide range of topics.

Her guests were all bloggers.

One of her guests was the famous Perez Hilton. He told us that he blogs for about 12 hours a day. Wow can you imagine being able to blog for that long? He makes his living from blogging. Plus he offered some great blogging tips to the viewers.

The other guests included:
Margaret Roach shared her gardening blog, A Way to Garden. Her blog is designed after her book, “A Way to Garden.” Both explore the horticultural how-to of gardening and the spiritual parts of gardening.

Eddie Ross, of design blog eddieross.com and senior style editor of Living Magazine, showed off different crafts using flea-market finds.

Three members of “Martha’s Circle” chatted about their blogs: Matt Armendariz, writer of mattbites.com, shared his recipe for Alfajores cookies along with Deb Perelman of smittenkitchen.com and Meg Frost of cuteoverload.com.

Political Bloggers
Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin chatted about politico.com, a blog that covers political issues.

A Year of Mornings
Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes talked about their blog and their book “A Year of Mornings,”. They are two friends who live in different parts of the US decided to submit to each other a picture of their mornings. The pictures were very similiar. They are working on their next book called “A year of evenings.”

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  1. Yes, I found Perez really interesting. I had always thought he was a bit flaky by he is a very serious blogger.

  2. Sounds interesting – wish I’d seen that show.

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